Satrian Aerospace

Welcome to Satrian!

Satrian was established in 2012 by Estonian tech entrepreneur Andrus Aaslaid, who has been fascinated by shortwave radio since…as long as he can remember. Upon returning from his daytime job, he goes to the basement to make his contribution to technical progress in radio communication. He considers this a great hobby.

The first major steps towards Satrian were taken in 2010, when a Russian Short Wave Radio Station UVB76, also known as The Buzzer, went silent. After this sudden cause of excitement Andrus opened up UVB-76 to an online audience and made it available at

Thousands of people from all around the world experienced this innovation in shortwave radios.

In the coming months a revolutionary Software Defined Radio was created and all the related technical information was blogged into A lot of people caught wind of his work, and this could only mean one thing – Andrus named his radio, with a little help from a future customer, to MK1.5 “Andrus”, and sent the first batch into production.

Finding the right qualified and loyal business partners for the future cooperation in Software Defined Radio production was complicated and very time consuming.

It has been a great honor that his loyal first customers have waited patiently and helped him create this company.

In December 2012, Andrus was proud to present Satrian, a company specialized in creating and developing some of the best Software Defined Radios in the world with a well established business network.

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