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How to set up network connection?


– Install the latest firmware from

– Install cutesdr-se (ordinary cutesdr does not support full bandwidth for MK1.5 radio) from


If your network has DHCP:

– Go to Network menu in cutesdr-se and press “Find SDR”. Radio sould appear.

– Select the discovered radio and then press “Run” on the main screen.


If your network does not have DHCP:

– Connect radio to your computer using USB cable and install drivers as shown in installation guide

– With terminal program, open the SDR MK1.5 serial port and open terminal connection. I prefer Hercules terminal program:


– Enter following commands:

dhcp 0

ip (your ip address,

gw (your gateway address

netmask (you rnetmask address, most likely


Each command saves the value to flash as well, so after all commands are entered, you can restart the radio and then use the cutesdr-se “Network” -> “Find SDR” command as was described for DHCP.

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